• This wheel is used for precision grinding of dies include a broad range of wheels with assorted bonds to meet varying work specifications. Besides the normal Aluminum Core and Steel Core.
  • For side grinding application, we can provide the best wheel to ensuring one grinding process to complete rough and fishing grinding operations simultaneously.
  • For Saw grinding application, we can provide the ultra thin wheels are available to grinding circular saw made from HSS, tool steel and Stellite type material.
  • This wheel can provides high cutting efficiency, excellent profile stability and easily being dressed. Widely used for the re-sharpening and production grinding in Milling & Drilling operations on CNC Grinder for the Fluting, Gashing and Clearance Angles of the Tungsten Carbide, HSS, Stainless drill, mill and rimer.


According to the different application, we can degsin and produce a series of grinding tool in the industry of Automotive,mould,tool,Compresser and Bearing ceramic, glass, ceramic and etc.




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Glass Grinding
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